This was done for @hayesjumper's Flash Fiction Friday prompt: "a lone person in a vast field of lavender".
I wasn't chosen, but I thought I'd share the story anyways.
Congrats to the winners!

A Single Rose in a Field of Lavender

I walked through your beautiful field of lavender - as I had done, so many times before.

As I walked, my hand reached out, lightly touching the tops of the lavender flowers.

Finally, I reached it - your grave, your memorial.

Admist the lavender, the glass case displaying your armour and your sword stood.

Beneath that, lying on the ground, was a beautifully cut slab of stone memorializing you.

And on that stone slab, was the epitaph that I had written for you, so long ago: 'Here rests the Knight of Lavender, for your love and devotion to the kingdom, may you find peace in this field of your flowers'.

"Hey," I said to you, even though I was never sure if you could hear me or not, "here I am again."

I knelt down, and placed my hand on the stone.

As the winds swept through the field, and carried the scent of lavender into me, I remembered... us.

I remembered the adventures that we've had together, and the battles that we've fought together.

And, above all else, I remembered how you would protect the people of the land.

How radiant you were!

The winds subsided, and I took in a deep breath.

Then, as I've always done when I visited you, I renewed my vow - my vow to follow your example, to protect the people of the land, and to be the best knight that I could be.

The winds picked up again, and, for a moment, I let the world wash over me.

The lingering moment passed.

I took out the flower that I had with me, and placed it on your grave.

I stood up, and placed my hand on the glass case.

I gave your grave one last look.

And then I left, leaving the flower behind - and the flower would be like how I felt when I was with you...

Like a single rose in a field of lavender.