Retelling Myths - Red Riding Hood Saga

Red Riding Hood Saga Trilogy

1) The Magic of Beanstalk Jack
Released on September 30, 2021
A trade for some magic beans leads to an encounter with a woman in a red riding hood...

2) Snow White and Little Red Riding Hood
Released on October 30, 2021
What past does Red Riding Hood share with Snow White?

3) Red Riding Hood and the Tower of the Glass Coffin
Released on December 31, 2021
Red Riding Hood heads to the Tower of the Glass Coffin to discover what happened to her beloved Snow White.

The Further Adventures of Red Riding Hood

4) The Witch of the Gingerbread House
Released on February 5, 2024
A pair of abandoned siblings finds a gingerbread house in the middle of the forest...