Hate (mocking Love)

Love and Hate watched as a couple fought. The mortals couldn't see them, of course.

"Ugh," Love said, "there you go again, splitting up another couple that I put together."

Hate raised an eyebrow at her sister, "You and I both know that we don't dictate who loves and who hates. We are but embodiments of the forces of the multiverse. It is the mortals' free wills that calls us forth."

"Still," Love muttered, "you can just be so... creepy."

Hate looked at her sister in disbelief.

Angrily, Hate said, "Should I take up a form like yours then, Love?"

Hate began to morph. Her usual cloak, gun, and covering aura disappeared. In their place, bat-like wings sprouted from Hate's back, the gun became a javelin, and the cloak became a black tube top and a pair of black shorts. In addition, yellow wristbands with spikes appeared, as well as black boots with yellow spikes.

Love was taken aback - Hate had become a dark version of her. Hate's current black tube top and shorts were the opposite of her own white tube top and shorts; Hate's javelin mocked her own bow and arrows; and Hate's bat-like wings evoked the opposite of her bird-like wings.

Hate spun her new javelin. To Love, she said, "Should I fly around as well, and spread hate to people by piercing them with a javelin?"

"I'm... I'm sorry, Hate," a stunned Love said, "I just get frustrated sometimes, with our role in the multiverse. I... shouldn't have lashed out like that at you. I'm sorry."

The two sisters stared at each other for a moment.

Hate began to morph, taking her regular form once more. The wings disappeared, the javelin became a gun, and a cloak covered her body. A dark aura burst from her body once again, covering most of her face, except for her glowing eyes.

"I'm frustrated as well, sister," Hate said, "But it is not our place to judge."

"You're right, sister."


Artist's Commentary

This piece is actually the first version of Hate that I did.
At the time, I had just finished Life, Death, and Love, and was trying to come up with something for Hate. Rushing myself, I decided to just simply make something that was the opposite of Love. Hence, this first version wasn't too creative, as it was basically Love, just with a different weapon and a darker colour scheme.
Over the years, I grew unsatisfied with it, and created the current version of Hate.
However, I decided not to let the concept go to waste, and made up a story bit where Hate takes this form to mock her sister in retaliation for a comment that Love made.