Freya's Call to Arms

This story is set in the world of The Sun Aegis.

Freya gave the elders another look.

Fenrir, the elder who had been the most supportive of her since the selection, gave her a smile and a nod.

On her forearm, Freya felt a gentle squeeze.

"You'll do fine, sister," Julia said.

"Thank you, sister," Freya replied. She returned a gentle squeeze on Julia's forearm.

Julia stepped back, and took her place as Freya's bodyguard, as well as her place as the leader of the werewolf guard.

Freya turned, and looked at the gathered pack in their new forest home.

As usual, some of the werewolves were in their human forms, and some of them were in their werewolf forms. And, after returning from their exile in the cold north, all of them could be naked again, under the warm sun in a forest that they could call home.

As the sun's warmth bathed Freya, she gathered her courage, and began to speak to the gathered pack.

"My brethren," Freya began, "Thank you for gathering here."

"I am Freya," she continued, "and I am our united pack's representative to the humans, as was selected by our elders. Most of you already know this, but some of you have only recently found your way to our new home - our new sanctuary. So, to those of you new here, welcome."

Freya paused as a few of her brethren howled as a gesture of welcome.

"I have recently returned from speaking with Princess Evelyn," Freya gestured in the direction of the nearby castle town, "For those of you who don't know, she has kindly provided us with this forest to call our home, in secret from her own brother, the rotten king."

"The princess has received a message from Lady Anna, the vampire knight - and our staunchest ally," Freya continued, "There is another castle town that is providing shelter to another pack of our brethren. But, the rotten king has discovered this, and Lady Anna needs help to defend this castle town from the army that the king is sending."

"I know, my brethren, that we had only just barely managed to escape the fire mage that had been sent after us in the north," Freya said, "And I know, that we just started to settle down in this forest."

"I know I'm asking a lot from you," Freya continued, "But, we can't just let that rotten king continue to slaughter our brethren, and drive us from our forests! We can't let that rotten king continue to terrorize us!"

At the mention of the rotten king, terrible memories suddenly flooded Freya's mind.

She remembered being kidnapped by the king's soldiers.

She remembered being dragged out in front of a jeering crowd by a leash.

And she remembered being forced to eat from a dog bowl, and bark like a dog - all for that rotten king's entertainment.

Freya took a moment to recompose herself.

Julia noticed this, but decided to hold her position, once she saw that her sister was able to maintain her composure.

Freya continued, "Julia will be leading our fighters to join the fight, along with the other reinforcements that Princess Evelyn will be sending."

Julia stepped forward, "Those of you who can fight - join us! Together, we can save our brethren from another massacre!"

Freya nodded. Then, she continued, "And those of you who can't fight - we can help in other ways."

"So, please, my brethren," Freya said, "It's time that we rise up, and join the rebellion in earnest!"

A pause spread throughout the pack, as they considered what Freya had just asked of them.

Suddenly, one of the werewolves stood up, and walked towards the front of the gathered pack.

He turned around, and declared, "I'm with you!"

With that, he transformed into his werewolf form, and began to howl.

Spurred on by Freya's sincere request, by the memories of what the rotten king had done to them, and by the young werewolf's convictions, the rest of the pack stood up - they transformed and began to howl in agreement.

Julia walked over, and placed a hand on Freya's shoulder.

Giving Freya a smile, Julia transformed as well, and joined in with the howling.

Smiling, a moved Freya managed to say, "Thank you, my brethren!"

And with that, Freya transformed, and began to howl with the rest of her pack.