~ Once more, a knight sets forth, hoping to regain something that she had lost - justice. ~

Anna's mentor, Isabelle, had always taught her that being a knight was about justice and protecting the people.
But, that was a long time ago.
Now, a new king has been crowned, and he cares naught for justice nor his people. Ordered to do so, Anna reluctantly joins the other human knights in a campaign to massacre and drive out the werewolves, the merfolk, and the vampires - destroying the peace between the four species.
Having lost her way, Anna continues fighting for this rotten king. That is, until she fell in battle.
As she laid there, on the battlefield, an unexpected saviour whisks her far away.
Having been given a second chance, and no longer bound to that rotten king, Anna sets out to find her way back to the justice that she had lost - hoping to atone for her sins, and to protect the people from the king.

Part 1: The Vampire's Gift
Release Date: July 30th, 2019

Anna, a knight, lies grievously injured on the battlefield. Out of nowhere, a mysterious woman named Camille saves her, and whisks her far away.
As Camille nurses Anna back to health, Anna begins to tell Camille the story of her life - her life as a knight in a land filled with humans, werewolves, merfolk, and vampires.

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Part 2: Werewolves in the North
Release Date: August 30th, 2019

Driven out of their homes in the warm forests down south, the werewolves find themselves fleeing to the north.

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Part 3: Rebels in the Capital
Release Date: September 30th, 2019

Anna finds herself in the capital, trying to rescue the werewolves that the king's people had abducted.
There, she runs into those that call themselves rebels. These rebels offer her help... and perhaps some hope of fighting back against the rotten king.

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Part 4: Fire in the Snow
Release Date: <TBA - Planned for Late Oct. 2019>

Back in the north, the werewolves are warned of an attack mounted by the king's army. Can Anna and the werewolves survive?

Release details coming soon!
Part 5: The Sun Aegis
Release Date: <TBA - Planned for Late Nov. 2019>

Anna and the werewolves finally meet with the rebellion. Can an alliance be forged?

Release details coming soon!

Parts 6 to 10 to be released in 2020.

Parts 11 to 15 to be released in 2021.

The Sun Aegis is a novelette series by E. H. Lau.
Check back here for release dates, or follow E. H. Lau on Twitter for news and updates.

The amazing logo and covers were created by @tom.st.chan. You can find him on Instagram, DeviantArt, and his Society6 store!