Chapter 10 - Dispatch

Months later, I was hanging out with Judy and Matthew at my apartment when I received a phone call. Matthew's phone rang as well a second later.

I picked up my phone and answered it, "Hello?"

"Hello, is this Agent Lawson?"


"This is Cheryl Anderson from the Time Patrol Agency. There has been a break in at the Chronodynamics Research Lab, please head there right away. Captain Mortimer will call you in a few minutes to debrief you."

"Okay, thanks Cheryl."

I disconnected the call and looked at Matthew, who nodded.

I looked at Judy and said, "Sorry, Judy, but we have to go, there's been a break in at the Chronodynamics Research Lab."

"Be careful, you two." Judy reached over and kissed me on the lips.

Matthew smirked a little.

Noticing his smirk, Judy blushed and pulled away.

I gave Matthew a half-scowl for ending my kiss early.

In response, Matthew broke out into a huger smirk and said, "C'mon, James, you two can continue kissing after the mission."

Matthew and I headed downstairs and got into my car. I punched in the coordinates for the lab and we headed off.

During the car ride over, Captain Mortimer called my phone.

I answered the call, "Hello, Captain Mortimer."

"Hello, Agent Lawson."

"I'm going to put you on speaker phone, Agent Lam is here as well."

I plugged my phone into one of the jacks on the dashboard, "Okay, go ahead, Captain."

Captain Mortimer's voice came out of the car's speakers, "I think you've been told this already, but there has been a break in at the Chronodynamics Research Lab. There is a huge cache of timetanium there in the vault, so we are assuming that that is the target."

The Captain continued, "As far as we know, the thieves don't know that you are on the way there yet, since we were alerted by a silent alarm. The security guard who was able to contact us has informed us that they are armed, so be careful. They are currently still trying to get into the vault, so we have some time, but not a lot. The plan is to send a three person team to infiltrate the building and take them out. I will send you the coordinates where you'll be meeting Agent Ray at. While you are infiltrating the building, the police will start building a perimeter around the it."

"Yes, sir." Matthew and I replied.

"Be careful."

Captain Mortimer disconnected the call. A few moments later, a message showed up on my phone, giving me the coordinates that we needed.

I inputted the coordinates into the car, and we headed to the meeting spot.

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