Chapter 12 - Erased Future

It was weird, and it was messy.

I went back into the past with the past Agent Barbara Ray's body, and I explained to her parents what had happened. I explained that she would have became a great agent. I explained that she died in the line of duty.

Her parents cried, confused and angry that their daughter was killed before her dream of becoming a TPA agent could come true.

I tried explaining to them that she was a great agent, that she had done a great service to the world.

Of course, they just got more angry. To them, it will never happen.

I went back to 79 TTE, and all I could do was write up my report. There wasn't even a funeral, since none of the other agents could remember her.

Agent Barbara Ray, one of the TPA's top agents, had become just a footnote in my report.

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