The Great Sage, the Equal to Heaven


Released on February 27, 2020
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For this first story, we will be looking at Sun Wukong - otherwise known as The Monkey King. Specifically, the lead up to his rebellion against Heaven in Journey To The West.

How dare they?

How dare they mock me, Sun Wukong, the Monkey King?!

I had clawed my way from nothing to become a god, and, still, they dared to mock me?!


Born from a magic stone atop of Mount Huaguo, I had no family or friends.

Still, I proved my worth to the rest of the monkeys on the mountain by climbing up a waterfall and finding its source.

They proclaimed me their king, and I took my throne.


Needing to protect my followers, I searched high and low for weapons.

My search took me to the oceans, where the Dragon King guarded several powerful weapons.

As the Dragon King was not using them, I decided that I should put them to good use instead.

But, the Dragon King would not yield his treasures.

So, I defeated the Dragon King and his henchmen, and claimed my spoils. Amongst them was my favourite - the magical staff, Ruyi Jingu Bang.


Hearing of my exploits, powerful Demon Kings sought my allegiance.

But, they were not my equals - I was to be king, and nothing less.

Thus, I subdued them, and added them to my domain.


Even when Yan Wang came from Hell to claim my soul, I did not yield.

I fought through Hell and escaped, even managing to erase my name and my monkey subjects' names from Yan Wang's book - the book which listed every mortal's name and date of death.

I had become immortal.


When word of my achievements reached the ears of the Jade Emperor, he invited me to Heaven.

'Finally!' I had said to myself, 'I will take my place amongst the gods!'

Or, so I had thought.

First, they insulted me by assigning me as the Protector of Horses - which was nothing more than a glorified title for lowly task of being stable hand to the Jade Emperor's horses!

Then, they further mocked me by excluding me from the banquet held for the emperor's wife - a banquet that every other god was invited to!

"Enough!" I yelled.

I destroyed the banquet hall, and wreaked havoc upon Heaven.

I then stole the Peaches of Immortality, and retreated back to Mount Huaguo to prepare for the upcoming battle.


And now I sat, atop the mountain, waiting for the forces of Heaven to come for me.

As I ate another peach, one of my monkey followers rushed over to me, "They're here, my lord!"

I looked up.

And there they were, the armies of Heaven.

They had spared no expense, bringing in their best generals and warriors.

Even that three-eyed bastard, Erlang Shen, and that damn kid, Nezha, showed up.

I finished the last peach, and stood up.

Reaching behind my ear, I took out my staff. By my command, my Ruyi Bang grew from the size of a needle to the size of a proper staff.

I pointed my staff at the army.

"Come!" I roared, "None will defeat me!"

"For I am the Great Sage, the Equal to Heaven!"

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