Retelling Myths - A Flash Fiction Series

A monthly flash fiction series that I started on Twitter.

All throughout the ages, stories have been told and retold, over and over again.
So that's what I want to try my hand at with this little series - retelling stories.

These are just for fun, and are not meant to be entirely "lore accurate".
Not all of these will be strict retellings, and not all of them will deal with mythology
And, yeah, most of these can be called fanfiction, but I would like to say that I'm... Retelling Myths.

1) The Great Sage, the Equal to Heaven
Released on February 27, 2020
Sun Wukong's rebellion against Heaven from Journey to the West.

2) Irene Upon Reading Watson
Released on March 23, 2020
Irene Adler after reading A Scandal in Bohemia, a Sherlock Holmes case written by Dr. Watson.

3) Mordred at Camlann
Released on April 24, 2020
The moment when the traitor knight Mordred faces his father, King Arthur.

4) Heracles Bargains For Prometheus
Released on May 27, 2020
When Heracles, the Greek hero, bargained for Prometheus, the fire-giver.

5) Sita Calls for Mother Bhumi
Released on June 28, 2020
One of the endings of the Ramayana.

6) The Sword Above the Throne
Released on July 29, 2020
A story about a sword that dangles over the throne...