Irene Upon Reading Watson

Released on March 23, 2020
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For this story, we'll be taking a look at Sherlock Holmes.
In most Sherlock Holmes stories, a main conceit is that the story was an actual event that Watson had recorded and had gotten published.
This time, I thought that it'd be interesting to see how Irene Adler would react after reading A Scandal in Bohemia, a case which involved her outwitting Holmes.

"'THE woman'?" I scoffed as I tossed aside Dr. Watson's latest work.

"What's wrong, my dear?" my husband asked, as he walked into our sitting room.

"Oh, nothing of significance," I replied, "Apparently, after I had defeated him in our little game of wits, Sherlock Holmes has apparently bestowed upon me the title of 'THE woman' - as if I was somehow the best of my sex merely by besting him."

Godfrey chuckled as he took a seat beside me on our sofa, "Ah, yes, that drivel."

"You've read it?" I asked.

"Yes, some colleagues of mine had passed it around today at the office," he replied, "They all had a good laugh at my expense about that unpleasant business - what did Dr. Watson call it again?"

"A Scandal in Bohemia," I replied, my tone mocking.

With a laugh, Godfrey asked, "And should I be jealous of your new following?"

"My new following?"

"Mr. Holmes and Dr. Watson, of course!" he replied, cheekily, "After all, the good doctor has written so lovingly of you. Meanwhile, Mr. Holmes asked naught for a reward but your photograph, and he has given you the title of 'THE woman'!"

I scoffed, "Pay these other men no mind."

"Oh?" Godfrey said.

I placed my arms around my husband, and I looked into his eyes.

In reply, he looked back into my eyes - with love.

"Because to me, my love, only you," I said, "are 'THE man'."

And to that, we laughed uproariously before lovingly embracing each other with a kiss.

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