Chapter 12 - End of the Iron Legion

Cold Open

"Connection to Iron Lion has been lost."

That message echoed through the ears of every member of the Iron Legion.

Murmurs began to spread.

"Did you hear that too?"

"What does that mean?"

"Does that mean that we lost?"

"What's going on?"

As if to answer all their questions, Justice Knight Justice walked out of the castle, holding Iron Lion's helmet.

Part 1

Panic spread throughout the remainder of the Iron Legion's army. Unsure of what to do, the army dispersed. Some surrendered. Others continued to fight, but were quickly taken down by the special squad. The rest managed to escape through the chaos and confusion.

'Oh, well,' Iron Spider thought to herself, nonchalantly, as she looked at the blueprints in front of her. She smirked and curled them up neatly.

Opening the bag next to her, she slipped the blueprints next to the stash of cash inside.

'Time for me to disappear.'

Iron Spider picked up her bag, and snuck out of the castle.

Part 2

Back in the throne room, Emma, without her exosuit on, stood over a sobbing Cathy, who was gripping her brother's helmet tightly.

After a long while, Cathy's sobbing finally subsided.

"I-I think I'm alright now," Cathy said, "Sorry for making you wait."

"It's alright, I understand. Here." Emma extended her hand to Cathy to help her up.

As Emma pulled Cathy up, she took a look at Cathy, and she knew. She knew that even if Cathy had said that she was alright, the death of the family that she loved would take her a long time to recover from.

So, Emma pulled Cathy into a hug.

"I-I know that you can't really feel it," Emma said, slightly embarassed, "but I hope this helps a little."

Tears poured down Cathy's cheeks, and she reciprocated the hug. Touched, she replied, "I can feel it. I can feel a little bit of your warmth, even in this cold body of mine."

Part 3

"And I am honoured, to be able to award these medals to the special squadron," Mayor Dixon said to the crowd that had gathered in the city's largest park.

It was a few days later, and the city was holding a ceremony in the park to honour the members of the special squadron that had given up their lives to stop the Iron Legion, as well as to commend the survivors.

David and Emma received their medals to great applause, of course. The rest of the special squadron, including Jessica Pink and her mentor, Arthur, received their medals to great applause as well. However, when it was Cathy's turn, the applause was more... subdued.

The fallen heroes' presence were represented by their portraits being displayed on the stage. Their next of kin received their medals in their place.

After the medals were handed out, the Captain got up to make a speech.

"Thank you," the Captain began, "to the special squadron for keeping the city safe. You have all done the city a great service. However, we cannot let our guards down yet, as remnants of the Iron Legion are still out there."

The crowd murmured amongst themselves.

The Captain continued, "The Justice Knight Unit will remain vigilant, and we will hunt down the remains of the Iron Legion. I hope that the city will support us, so that we can expand and protect the city that we all love."

The Captain gestured to the portraits of the fallen heroes, "For now, thank you, to our fallen comrades. Your sacrifices will not be in vain."

The Captain then gestured to the remaining members of the special squad, "And thank you, to our heroes. You have protected us, and you have made us proud."

The crowd applauded.

Part 4

"Oh, just do it," Emma said to David, in the cafeteria of the Justice Knight Headquarters.

Cathy nodded in agreement, "I'm sure she'll be happy."

"But, what if-," David's reply was interrupted.

"You think a lot, sir," Emma said, while smirking affectionately, "and that's great as a field commander. But, in the matters of love, sometimes, you just gotta do it and not overthink it. Right, Captain?"

The Captain had just walked in. He turned to the two Justice Knights and said, "I think Emma is right for once-"

"Hey!" Emma said.

The Captain continued, "-you're overthinking this, David."

"It's not like we haven't all see the two of you make googly eyes at each other," Dr. Onodera piped in, sneaking up behind David.

"C-Courtney!" David said, surprised, "I thought you were in your lab, working on a new exosuit or something."

Dr. Onodera shrugged and sipped her coffee, "The Captain made me take a break. Something about peace time."

"Oh, stop making fun of him, you guys," Cathy said, cheefully. Then, to David, she said, "Didn't you say that you promised you would talk to her after it was over?"

"Yeah, but-"

"Overthinking again, sir," Emma said.

Everyone else nodded in agreement.

"Oh, alright, I'm going!" David exclaimed, giving up.

Part 5

*ding dong*

Sasha's doorbell rang. She put down her book and hurried to the door. Peeping out of the peephole, she saw that it was David.

Sasha opened the door, "David?"

"Er, hi, Sasha," David said, awkwardly, "D-Do you still want to have that talk?"

Sasha blushed slightly, "O-Of course!"


Two men in suits looked down through the glass window at the scientists that were scurrying around in the lab below them.

"So, you intend on passing this new law?" the one on the right asked.

"Of course. Those monsters must pay," said the one on the left.

"From what we've seen and compiled about him, Justice Knight Justice probably won't be happy about it. We would go so far as to say that he would disobey this new law of yours, even if it was a direct order." The man on the right took a sip from his mug and continued, "Justice Knight Love will most likely follow her commander, of course."

"That's why we need a new agent," the man on the left said, "one that will bring the law to those monsters."

The two men watched as the scientists in the lab below gathered around and discussed the designs and the blueprints that were being displayed on the huge monitor in the middle of the room.

It was the designs and the blueprints of a new exosuit.

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