Chapter 5.52 - Defection

Part 1

"Where are you going?"

Iron Bee turned around to face Iron Wolf. Hesitantly, she said, "Out."

Iron Wolf eyed Iron Bee. She was in full armour and had her helmet on. Most suspicious of all was that she carrying a stuffed gym bag with her.

"I was just in your room," Iron Wolf said, "'Out' doesn't cut it when you seemed to have stuffed as much as you can into your gym bag."

"What were you doing in my room?" Iron Bee said, with a flash of anger in her voice.

"You left your door open," Iron Wolf replied, "Were you in that big of a hurry to get out of here?"

"Yes," Iron Bee said as she started to walk past Iron Wolf, "So if you'll excuse me..."

Iron Wolf grabbed Iron Bee's wrist, "Wait."

Iron Bee turned around to face the wolf. Angrily, she said, "What?"

"Tell me where you are going."



"Because what?"

Iron Wolf exploded, "Because I am your brother! Because I worry about you and I don't want you getting into danger!"

The two glared at each other. Finally, Iron Bee sighed and relaxed her glare.

"I am running away," she admitted.

Iron Wolf stared at his sister for a long moment. Finally, he asked, in a slow, but angry, voice, "Why?"

"You saw what Iron Spider did!" Iron Bee said, in a hush voice, "And our fa-"

Iron Bee cut herself off. Starting again, she instead said, "And Iron Lion approved it."

"I agree that it was a bit underhanded, but Justice Knight needed to be stopped!" said Iron Wolf.

"You really think that Iron Spider would have just stopped with Justice Knight?" Iron Bee shot back, "She would have killed the hostages if that new Justice Knight hadn't shown up! And what about all the other innocent people that were killed in Iron Lion's last few plans? What about the people that will die in the invasion that he has ordered? Do you really believe that those people need to die? Do you really believe that if they died - that if they were 'cleansed' - the world would be better?"

Iron Wolf couldn't say anything. He just stood there, staring at his sister.

Iron Bee sighed, "I thought so."

Iron Bee turned her back to Iron Wolf and started walking.

As his sister headed towards the door, all that Iron Wolf could offer was, "He's still our father."

Iron Bee paused for a moment. Then she continued walking, "That's not good enough anymore."

Iron Bee opened the door and flew away.

Part 2

"Track her down," Iron Lion said, "And bring her back."

Iron Lion sat on his throne. In front of him, was his kneeling son, Iron Wolf, who had just finished explaining what Iron Bee had done.

"Yes, father," Iron Wolf replied.

Iron Wolf got up to leave.

However, Iron Lion stopped him, "If she doesn't want to come back, then cleanse her."

Iron Wolf looked at his father with surprise, "You want me to... You want me to kill her?"

Iron Lion got up and walked down the steps towards his son, "If Iron Bee does not want to come back, then she has betrayed the Iron Legion. And if she has indeed decided to betray the Iron Legion, then it is clear that she cannot think with logic and rationale. She cannot see that our way is the right way - the way that will make the world a better place. This would prove that her mind has been corrupted, and thus, she would need to be cleansed."

"But Father!" Iron Wolf exclaimed, "She's your daughter! Just let me bring her back, I'm sure that we can convince her!"

Iron Lion roared, "Enough!"

Iron Wolf backed away slowly, with fear resonating through his body.

"We cannot be ruled by our emotions - even those that come from familial relationships. For a better world, if my own daughter needs to die, then so be it," said Iron Lion, "I have given you my orders, my son, as well as my reasons. Now carry them out!"

Iron Wolf hesitated. In the end though, all that Iron Wolf could do was to mutter, "Yes, father."

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