Chapter 7 - Tentacles of the Iron Octopus

Cold Open

Justice Knight Love fired her pistol at Iron Octopus.

Iron Octopus stood there, unmoving as the bullets sped towards her. Her black lipsticked lips didn't even make an expression. At the very last second, the four tentacles that were hanging from her helmet jerked up and deflected the bullets.

"Damn it!" Love exclaimed.

Around the crimson knight and the octopus, the police officers that Love had given the prototype short swords to clashed with the Iron Soldiers from Iron Octopus' army.

Iron Octopus started to walk slowly towards Justice Knight Love. In response, Love fired her pistol again.

Without even flinching, Iron Octopus swatted the bullets away with her tentacles.

As the octopus approached her, Love clicked the button on her dagger to superheat the blade. Then, she got into a fighting stance.

Part 1

Iron Octopus continued slowly walking towards Justice Knight Love with her tentacles outstretched.

Suddenly, Love burst into a dash, firing her pistol as she headed straight towards the octopus.

Silently, Iron Octopus used her metallic tentacles to deflect the bullets. However, one tentacle shot straight at Justice Knight Love. Love dodged the tentacle.

"Ha!" Justice Knight Love screamed a battle cry as she swung her dagger at the cyborg.

But her arm was stopped.

Love looked at her arm and saw that the tentacle she had dodged had came back and grabbed her. It started to pull her away.

"Damn you!" Love yelled as she brought her pistol up to fire.

Quickly, an iron tentacle struck Love's hand, knocking the pistol away.

Sasha's frantic voice came over the earbud, "The joints in her tentacles are not as armoured, you can cut them off that way!"

"I'm trying to!" Love screamed back. She dropped her dagger and started to reach for it with her other hand.

As the dagger was about to land in her left hand, an iron tentacle slivered around her left arm.

"N-," the tentacle jerked Love's hand away violently.

Love yelled in pain as the tentacle's violent pull was forced to a stop by her body being connected to the two arms that the two tentacles were pulling on.

The super-heated dagger fell onto the floor.

Without saying anything, Iron Octopus wrapped another tentacle around Justice Knight Love's abdomen and lifted the crimson knight off the ground. Then she wrapped her last tentacle around Love's neck.

"Get off me, you-" Justice Knight Love's protests were cut short by her screams when the tentacles around her abdomen started to constrict.

Without a word, Iron Octopus tightened her tentacles' grips around the crimson knight's abdomen and neck. Then, she started to pull - strangling the knight and trying to rip Love's head off at the same time.

Part 2

Justice Knight Love gasped for air as she struggled to get free from the iron tentacles.

As Emma was fading in and out of consciousness, she could hear people screaming through her earbud.

"Emma, hang on!" That was probably Sasha.

"Emma, don't give up, help is on the way!" That was probably the Captain.

"Emma, I'm here!" Was that... David?

Suddenly, several bullets slammed into Iron Octopus.

The octopus cyborg's black lipsticked mouth turned into a frown as she silently staggered back from the pain. Her tentacles released Justice Knight Love from their grips.

Justice Knight Justice charged towards Iron Octopus. He jumped up and brought his sword down towards the cyborg.

Quickly, Iron Octopus formed an X in front of her with her four tentacles and blocked the sword with the center of the X.

Justice landed on the ground, still pushing his sword against the tentacles.

One of the iron tentacles started moving, and Justice jumped back just as it was about to strike him.

Not taking his eyes off the cyborg octopus, Justice made his way over to Love.

"You okay?" Justice asked.

"Ye-" Love coughed a little and rubbed her neck, "Yeah, thanks for rescue. What happened to Iron Cheetah?"

Justice Knight Justice hesitated. Then, he finally replied, "... he's dead."

"Good job, sir," Love said.

Iron Octopus jumped into the air. She landed only a few feet away from the Justice Knights. Tears were rolling down her cheeks.

"W-What?" Justice said, surprised.

"Heh," Love snickered. Then, she mockingly said, "What? Did you love him or something?"

Black smoke began to pour out of the vents on Iron Octopus' armour and surround her.

"Love, get ready!" Justice said, readying his sword and pistol.

Love nodded and readied her pistol as well.

The two of them waited, unsure of the next move to make.

Suddenly, an anguished scream burst from inside the smoke and tentacles shot out, straight at the Justice Knights.

Part 3

The iron tentacles shot out of the black smoke at the Justice Knights.

The first tentacle slammed its end into Justice's abdomen, knocking him onto the ground.

Another tentacle managed to wrap itself around Love's waist and lifted her up into the air. Violently, it slammed Love into the ground.

"Argh!" Love yelled in pain.

The tentacle lifted Justice Knight Love into the air again, but before it could slam her into the ground, Justice Knight Justice fired his pistol at the center of the smoke.

Sparks shone through the smog and the tentacle dropped Justice Knight Love - the bullets had found their mark.

The smoke cleared away and the knights could see that Iron Octopus' black-lipsticked lips were twisted into an angry expression. She stared at the Justice Knights intently.

"She didn't notice you firing your gun, David," Sasha's voice came over the earbuds.

"Right," said Justice, "She's still human, her reaction time and reflexes are still only that of a normal human, even with all those crazy tentacles. Same as with Iron Cheetah."

"We still have to get past those tentacles though," said Love.

"And that's why we will have to strike quick - the both of us, at the same time, and from different directions," Justice replied, "Confuse the directions that she gives to those tentacles."

Suddenly, Iron Octopus screamed and ran towards the two knights with her tentacles ready to attack.

Justice sprang to the left. To Love, he ordered, "Flank her, and use your Release!"

"Yes, sir!" Love dashed to the right.

"Remember," the Captain's voice came through the earbuds, "Your Releases only last for five minutes, and then you can't use them anymore without a recharge. End this before then!"

"Yes, sir!" The two knights yelled.

Part 4

Justice holstered his gun pushed a button on the Knight-Former on his waist as he dashed around Iron Octopus' right and commanded, "Lightning: Release!"

The Knight-Former sprang to life and electric arcs started to flow and crackle all over the blue exosuit.

Similarly, Love pushed a button on the Knight-Former on her wrist as she dashed around Iron Octopus' left and yelled, "Fire: Release!"

The Knight-Former sprang to life and flames began to blaze all over the red exosuit.

Readied, the two knights dashed straight at the octopus cyborg from two different directions.

Iron Octopus screamed and sent a tentacle at the fire knight, and another at the lightning knight.

Love dodged the tentacle aimed at her while Justice grabbed his tentacle with his free hand. The lightning from his exosuit flew from his hand and into Iron Octopus' body, shocking the cyborg. Seizing this opportunity, Justice swung his sword and sliced off the tentacle.

Love reached the octopus and punched the octopus in the stomach with her flaming fist.

The octopus staggered back and sparks of damage flew from her armour. In retaliation, she sent another tentacle at Love.

Love dodged the tentacle and grabbed it. She gripped it hard as the flames from her hand started to heat up the tentacle. Not wasting her chance, Love kicked Iron Octopus in the chest, knocking her onto the ground. At the same time, the tentacle had become weak due to the flames, and Love ripped the tentacle off Iron Octopus' helmet.

Iron Octopus bounced up quickly and jumped back. Unfortunately, she landed on the superheated dagger that Love had dropped earlier. Quickly, she made another short jump back.

The octopus seethed. Black smoke began pouring out of her vents again.

"We have to strike now!" Justice yelled.

"Yes, sir!"

The two knights charged at Iron Octopus.

Justice Knight Justice reached Iron Octopus first and he swung his sword, but an iron tentacle knocked the sword out of his hands.

As the smoke started to surround them, Iron Octopus angrily sent her two remaining tentacles at Justice Knight Justice, while Justice Knight Love dropped into slide towards her dagger.

Then, the smokescreen covered the three of them.

Part 5

Sasha, the Captain, and the Network watched the battle on their monitors anxiously. They watched as the two knights disappeared into the smoke along with the octopus cyborg.

For several moments, the room was silent.

Finally, the black smoke started to clear away.

Justice Knight Justice was standing his ground firmly, holding the two attacking tentacles apart with his hands. Iron Octopus faced him with her mouth opened in shock.

The octopus looked down and saw Justice Knight Love kneeling down with her dagger plunged in Iron Octopus' chest.

Electric arcs began to surge throughout Iron Octopus' body. Knowing what that meant, Justice Knight Love pulled out her dagger and jumped back, while Justice Knight Justice jumped back to where his sword landed.

Iron Octopus fell onto her knees as the pain began to overtake her body and she started to remember events that led her life to this point.

Part 6

"We find the defendant... not guilty," the foreman of the jury read out the verdict.

The black-lipsticked girl's heart fell. She could only sit and watch as the person who had raped her celebrated, watch as he smirked at her on his way out as a free man.

"Skyler..." A voice behind her said. And then she felt a hand touch her shoulder.

Skyler flinched away nervously and turned around. She was breathing heavily when she saw that it was just Detective Walter Bai.

"Sorry...," Walter said.

Skyler gave Walter a look of anger and sorrow.

"I know, Skyler. It's not fair. This is not... justice," Walter said, understanding what Skyler meant, even without her saying a word, "But... we did everything that we could."

A man approached them. He was an older gentlemen with a stern face. Quietly, he said, "Come with me."

"What?" Walter asked.

"I can help the two of you make this fair, but you have to come with me," the man repeated his request.

Walter looked at Skyler. Her lips tightened. Finally, she gave Walter a nod.

"Good," the man said.

Walter and Skyler followed the man into the back of a limousine. As their chauffeur drove them to their destination, the man said, "I am truly sorry that he was able to go free like that, especially after what he did to you, Skyler. He is a powerful politician, and I can tell you two that he bribed and blackmailed his way to freedom. Even with all the evidence that you managed to collect, Detective Bai, 'justice' was no match for human greed and corruption."

The man continued, "This world truly disgusts me. It is full of greed and corruption. And full of the anger and the sorrow caused by that very same greed and corruption."

Walter and Skyler nodded.

The man smiled at their agreement. Following up on his last point, he said, "I would like to change the world into one of logic and rationale. One where politicians don't get off free like that just because they have money and power. And I would like you two to join my cause."

Walter raised an eyebrow, "Your cause? You and what army? What are you planning?"

The man chuckled a little, "You will see soon enough."

Soon, the limousine drove out of town and into the country side. It finally stopped at a castle.

Walter and Skyler followed the man into a huge room inside the castle.

In the room stood a lone throne atop some stairs, and on the throne's seat was a black cape and a lion shaped helmet. The man started to walk up to throne. Addressing the two still at the bottom of the stairs, he said, "Please, wait there."

The man began to undress.

"Woah, what are you doing?" Walter asked, "We're not into this type of stuff."

The man's voice suddenly became loud and commanding, "Just watch."

Walter and Skyler recoiled a little at the command, but they could only watch in shock.

Then, Walter and Skyler began to see that there was something weird about the man's body. It was too sleek, too... doll-like. It was as if the man's body was made out of some hard material instead of flesh and skin.

When his clothes were finally all off, the man stood in front of them, naked, in a body that was too sleek and too pale to be human. Then, the man pressed a spot on the his left arm with his right index finger. The spot that he pressed started to glow, and mechanical sounds started to come out from his body. Suddenly, metal bits started to poke out of his body and wrap themselves around him. Within seconds, his body was covered with armour.

The man picked up the black cape on the throne and threw it around him. Then, he picked up the helmet and donned it.

The armoured lion faced Walter and Skyler. He lifted up his right hand and snapped his fingers.

Suddenly, dozens of figures with similar armour and different helmets poured in the room around Walter and Skyler. They knelt down before the man.

"I," the man finally said, "am Iron Lion. Welcome, to the Iron Legion."

Part 7

The doorbell rung throughout the house. The politician grunted as he threw his book onto the coffee table and got off the sofa to walk to the door.

He opened the door, "Alright, what-"

The politician stopped when he saw that it was Detective Bai and that black lipsticked girl.

Without saying a word, the two pushed past him and walked into the living room, each of them carrying a bag.

"Wha- Hey, you can't just barge in here!" the politician yelled as he closed the door and hurriedly followed them into the living room.

"Do you even have a warrant for this?!" the politician yelled at Detective Bai.

Walter smiled a cocky grin, "You misunderstand, I am not here as a detective."

"Then what are-" the politician suddenly stopped.

Metallic things were starting to rip through Walter and Skyler's clothes. Seconds later, armour had formed on their bodies and they reached into their bags.

The politician stepped back. He letted out a breath of relief when he saw that the bags only contained helmets. A cheetah-like half-helmet for Detective Bai, and an octopus-like half-helmet with long metal tentacles for the black lipsticked girl.

The two of them put on their helmets.

"Look," the politician recomposed himself, and he angrily started to yell at the intruders, "I don't know what you two are playing at, but I want you out-"

Suddenly, an iron tentacle from the Iron Octopus' helmet jerked to life and threw itself around the politician's neck.

The politician started to struggle, but before he had a chance to do anything, another tentacle wrapped itself around his legs, and another one bounded his arms to his sides. The last one wrapped itself around his wrists and abdomen, and then he was lifted up into the air.

The tentacle around his neck started to strangle him, and the politician gasped for air. He struggled to get free, but the tentacles were too tight. He felt the life draining out of him.

As the politician was breathing his last, few, remaining breaths, the tentacle suddenly released its grip around his neck.

The politician coughed hard. When he finally recovered, he begged, "Please, don't do this! I- I have money and power, I can get you anything you want! If you just let me go, I'll-"

The tentacle grabbed his neck again, closing off the politician's airways.

As the politician was nearing his death, the tentacle released its grip again.

Through his coughs, the politician begged, "Pl-please! St-stop! I am sorry! I-"

The tentacle started strangling him again.

For an hour, Iron Octopus tortured her violator.

Finally, Iron Octopus allowed the politician to die and she strangled the life out of him.

Her violator had finally died. Justice had finally been served.

Iron Octopus released her tentacles and dropped the body onto the floor. With tears rolling down her cheeks, Iron Octopus screamed.


Electric arcs surged throughout Iron Octopus' body. Tears were rolling down her cheeks.

Finally, her body exploded from the overload.

Justice Knight Love and Justice Knight Justice watched the scene from only a few feet away as the flames and the lightning from their exosuits finally subsided.

Justice Knight Love was panting heavily.

"You alright?" Justice said.

"I'll be fine, sir," Love replied.

"Good, cause we have a problem," Justice said, grimly.

Love looked at her partner, and then she looked at the scene around her.

Most of the police officers that were with them were now either dead or unconscious. However, there were still around twenty or so Iron Soldiers left, surrounding them.

The Justice Knights readied themselves as the Iron Soldiers started to surround them.

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