Chapter 4 - Rampage of the Iron Elephant

Cold Open

Emma and Sasha ran down the corridor with the evacuation alarm blaring in the background. They were both breathing heavily, tired and scared from the events that had transpired.

Suddenly, the left wall in front of the pair burst into the hallway front of them, along with a cyborg. The hulking cyborg turned and stared at them from behind the eyes of his elephant-like helmet.

The towering cyborg greeted them with a deep, male voice, "Hello again! Why don't we fight some more?"

Emma pulled Sasha behind her and took out her dagger as the cyborg started walking towards them.

Part 1

Several hours earlier, David and the Captain were meeting with Mayor Dixon and Police Commissioner Torres.

"I believe that the JKU can handle holding the prisoner for now," Torres said, "It's not like we have any means of restraining her anyways, nor are the police currently equipped for fending off any attacks from the Iron Legion, should they choose to attempt a rescue."

"Agreed," the Captain said.

"Now, the next question is," the commissioner continued, "What should we do with the prisoner? The mayor has a suggestion, and I... agree with him."

The mayor, with a tiny hint of panic in his voice, elaborated, "Interrogate her as best as you can, and then execute her!"

In disbelief at what he just heard, David repeated, "Execute her?"

"Yes!" Mayor Dixon said, almost shouting, "The sooner we destroy that freak of nature, the better!"

"Sir," David protested, "Cyborgs are still humans, and besides, we don't have a death penalty here."

"I think you'll all agree that cyborgs are a special case here," Mayor Dixon argued back, "And can we really call these cyborgs 'human' anymore?"

"You agree, commissioner?" the Captain asked Torres.

"Yes, I do," Torres answered, "We can't treat them like common criminals. They are capable of more than an average human. At best, they're an army that's declaring war on us; at worst, they're savages that are trying to destroy our way of life."

"Yes, so execute her!" Dixon was yelling now, the fear was audible in his voice.

"But-" David stopped himself. He didn't know how to respond. The commissioner and the mayor did bring up valid points, but, was that any reason to treat the cyborgs with such... injustice? Don't the cyborgs still deserve a fair trial, to be judged by their peers?

But that was the question, wasn't it? Could cyborgs still be considered humanity's peers?

"For now," Commissioner Torres concluded the meeting, "Interrogate the prisoner - find out where the Iron Legion is hiding and what they're planning. And then we'll decide on what to do with her."

David drove back with the Captain in the JKU squad car.

"What do you think, Captain?" David asked.

"About what?"

"About executing the cyborgs even though there is no death penalty. About treating the cyborgs as if they were no longer human."

"I don't have an opinion on the matter."

"What? How can you not have an opinion about this?" David asked, a bit frustrated with the response.

The Captain looked outside the window at the city, "You may think that this is selfish or irresponsible of me, David, but my job and my duty is to protect this city and its people. I don't care about what happens to the criminals that we capture, as long as we keep this city safe."

"I... see," was all David could muster.

Suddenly, Sasha's frightened voice came over the radio in the squad car, "David? Captain? Is anyone there?!"

"Sasha, what's wrong?" David asked, sensing the panic in Sasha's voice.

"We're under attack! Help!" Sasha yelled over the radio.

"What's going on?!" The Captain yelled back into the radio.

"There's a cyborg here, and he's on a rampage!"

"We're heading back now!" David yelled into the radio. He turned on the squad car's sirens and pushed down hard on the gas pedal.

Part 2

Twenty minutes before the attack on the JKU Headquarters, Emma was preparing to interrogate Dr. Harriet Chow again. She stepped up in front of the prison cell and looked at the powerless cyborg who had been propped up against a chair.

Emma grimaced at the sight of one of the cyborgs that she hated so much.

"Back again, little girl? Here to chat with me some more?" Dr. Chow mocked her.

Emma gave the nearby guard a nod. The guard nodded back and pushed a key on the keyboard. The monitor showed that the room, including the prison cell, was now being recorded.

"Hello, Dr. Chow," Emma started, "As you probably know by now, these conversations are being recorded, so anything that you say or do can be used in court."

Dr. Chow smirked and sardonically said, "Gee, thanks."

Emma continued, "They're talking about executing you, you know."

"By the time they're finished talking, I will have been rescued already."

"What makes you think you're going to get rescued? You failed the Iron Legion pretty badly back there. You might as well talk now, and maybe we'll spare your life."

"Ha!" Dr. Chow smirked yet again, "Of course they will rescue me. I'm valuable to them. Otherwise, they wouldn't have chosen me."

"Chosen you?"

"That's right. I am one of the chosen ones. I was qualified for the upgrade to become an Iron Soldier, and I will stand with the rest of my kind when we rule the world!"

"Cyborgs? Rule the world?" Emma was shocked at the thought, "We won't let you!"

"You can't stop us!" Dr. Chow insisted, "Our great leader will rule this world, and he'll do a better job than you humans! First, he will cleanse the Earth of those with corrupted and unfit minds, and then the chosen will be upgraded to stand with us! We will make the world a better place!"

"Corrupted and unfit minds?"

"That's right!" Dr. Chow continued, "Those who are ruled by greed and insincerity, those who can't think rationally, those who are unfit to live in a world of logic and science!"

Emma was getting disturbed by this, "And then what? You'll force anyone that you've 'chosen' to become cyborgs?"

"Upgrade. They will get upgraded!" Dr. Chow insisted on the terminology, "First, they will become Iron Soldiers, of course. And if they qualify, like I will, then they will get further upgraded to a general!"

"A general? You mean like Iron Bull or Iron Eagle?"

"That's right," Dr. Chow had a manic look in her eyes now, "And when I get upgraded to a general, the first person that I'm cleansing off this Earth is that damn blue 'knight' and then you'll be the second!"

"What about the innocent people that your Iron Legion have been killing?" Emma asked, "Can't you see that you're hurting innocent people in your so-called quest to make the world better?!"

"Anyone who stands in our way deserves to be cleansed. All the people that we've killed were in our way, so they were cleansed off this Earth for the greater good!"

"That's insane!" Emma exclaimed, "You're killing innocent people and claiming to do so for the greater good!"

Dr. Chow smirked, "What? Did one of us kill someone you loved?"

Emma didn't answer, but she was getting visibly angry.

"Was it your mother?" Dr. Chow looked at Emma's unmoving expression, then she took another stab, "Your father?"

Emma exploded, "I will destroy all of you damn cyborgs with my own hands!"

Dr. Chow laughed, "People like you are so easy to figure out"

Suddenly, the alarms went off.

Dr. Chow chuckled, "Looks like my rescue party has come."

Emma glared at Dr. Chow with an angry expression. To the guard, she said, "Where are we being attacked?"

The guard looked up from his computer and responded, "They're in the Network's section, ma'am!"

Emma ran off as Dr. Chow laughed at her.

Part 3

The alarm was blaring throughout the JKU Headquarters.

In the Network's wing, the elephant-like cyborg swung his metallic trunk at one of the researchers, knocking the researcher several feet into the air and smacking him into a wall.

Two guards started firing their guns at the cyborg, distracting him while the others were evacuating the room.

The bullets bounced off the cyborg, but it definitely got his attention.

A hearty laugh could be heard from behind the cyborg's helmet as he charged through the rows of desks that were between him and the two guards. Without missing a beat, the cyborg impaled both of them with his tusks.

Casually, he used his trunk to lift the two guards off his tusks and dropped them onto the floor.

Sasha cowered next to the radio as the cyborg turned his attention to her.

"David?" The metallic elephant asked, "Were you just talking to Justice Knight?"

"Y-Yes," Sasha replied nervously.

The cyborg laughed with joy, "Good. I can't wait to fight him."

Then, the laughter ceased abruptly and the elephant stepped towards Sasha, "But for now, I will have to be content with weaklings like you. Why don't you try fighting me?"

Tears rolled down Sasha's cheeks, and she weakly said, "N- No. Please don't kill me."

"How boring," was the cyborg's reply.

Emma appeared at the doorway, panting after having rushed there. Seeing the towering cyborg heading towards the cowering girl, Emma took out her dagger and charged.

With a battle cry, Emma jumped up and slashed her dagger across the hulking cyborg's back.

Sparks flew out as the blade met armour.

The cyborg turned around to face Emma. Looking at the dagger, the steel elephant chuckled, "Finally, something that can hurt me! Come, let's fight!"

Behind the cyborg, Thomas grabbed Sasha's hand and helped her to her feet. Silently, Thomas gave Emma a grateful nod, and started guiding a frightened Sasha towards the door.

The elephant raised his trunk. Emma barely dodged the attack as the cyborg slammed his trunk down onto the spot that she was just standing on, wrecking the floor in the process.

Quickly, the metallic elephant swung his trunk around Emma's waist, grabbing her. Lifting her up into the middle of the air, he started to constrict his grip - he was going to crush her.

Emma grunted at the pain and grimaced. There was no way she was going to let this cyborg get the satisfaction of hearing her scream.

Seeing this, Sasha stopped, even though they were ever so close to the exit. Noticing that Sasha wasn't following him, Thomas stopped as well.

"We have to go!" Thomas said, as he grabbed her hand and tried to drag her towards the exit.

"Wait!" Sasha gripped Thomas' hand tightly, telling him to stop. In a moment's glance, she saw that the metallic trunk was actually separated into sections, which allowed it to be as flexible as it was.

However, this meant that there were gaps in the armour, where the joints were.

"Emma," Sasha yelled, "The joints in his trunk are less armoured!"

Upon hearing Sasha's assessment, Emma tightened her grip on her dagger and stabbed into one of the gaps.

The elephant roared in pain and threw Emma to the side.

"That actually hurt..." The cyborg elephant touched his trunk. Then, he laughed with delight, "Good! This might actually be enjoyable while I wait for Justice Knight to show up!"

Emma struggled to stand up. She shook her head, trying to get the dizziness out. She didn't notice as the elephant cyborg started walking towards her.

"Emma!" Sasha yelled as she let go of Thomas' hand and rushed towards the struggling Emma.

"No! Don't!" Thomas yelled, futilely.

The metallic elephant approached the two women. Sasha had barely been able to get Emma standing. The elephant sighed, "Too bad, I actually thought you would be able to put up a fight."

Suddenly, Thomas rushed in and attempted to tackle the cyborg. Unfortunately, the cyborg didn't even budge.

"Run!" Thomas yelled as he held on to the hulking cyborg's waist, still futilely trying to push the cyborg down.

The cyborg glared at Thomas with his red eyes, "That's annoying."

The elephant swung its trunk around and pulled Thomas off him, throwing Thomas into the air just above one of his tusks.

Airborne and helpless, Thomas could only watch as he fell onto one of the cyborg elephant's tusks and feel the pain of being impaled in the heart.

Part 4

"Thomas!" Sasha yelled.

Emma finally snapped back into reality after watching the situation unfold. Quickly, Emma did the only thing that she could think of - she grabbed a screaming Sasha and ran.

The two of them ran as fast as they could, as tired and frightened as they were. Unfortunately, the cyborg suddenly burst through the left wall in front of them.

"Hello again!" The metallic elephant said, excitedly, "Why don't we fight some more?"

Emma pulled Sasha behind her and took out her dagger as the towering cyborg started walking towards them.

Outside, the Captain and David watched as the cyborg crashed through the outside of their headquarters. Angered at the attack, David drove the car off the road and across the grass.

As soon as they were close enough, David braked hard and the car stopped, barely before hitting the wall.

David jumped out of the car and ran towards the hole in the wall. Forgoing his usual speech, he pressed the button on the Knight-Former and yelled, "Suit up!"

The blue, metallic squares that would form his exosuit shot out of the red orb on his Knight-Former. David ran into them and the exosuit formed as he passed by the squares. His exosuit finished forming just as he got into the building through the hole and he became Justice Knight.

Justice Knight spotted the giant cyborg's back and took out his pistol. He was about to aim when he noticed Emma and Sasha.

"Damn," Justice Knight muttered to himself as he holstered his gun.

Justice Knight grabbed the advancing elephant and dragged him back away from Emma and Sasha.

"Justice Knight!" The cyborg exclaimed, happily, "I've been waiting for you to show up!"

The elephant cyborg reached around with his trunk and wrapped it around Justice Knight's waist. Then he pull Justice Knight in front of him, lifting the knight off his feet. Excited, the elephant said, "I am Iron Elephant, and I am here to fight you to the death."

Justice Knight struggled to get out of the trunk's grip, "I don't care about who you are and what you're here to do! Stay away from my friends!"

Iron Elephant laughed heartily, "Then let the fight begin!"

Iron Elephant tossed Justice Knight up. Quickly, the cyborg followed up by jumping and slamming his clenched fists on Justice Knight's back.

Justice Knight yelled in pain and hit the ground hard. Before he even had a chance to get up, Iron Elephant had already grabbed him with the cyborg's trunk again.

This time, Iron Elephant lifted Justice Knight up and then slammed the knight into the ground. Then, he lifted up his foot to stomp on Justice Knight.

Justice Knight barely manged to roll out of the way of the cyborg's foot, which smashed onto the ground and leaving behind a small crater in the floor.

"Slippery, aren't you?" Iron Elephant asked as he quickly grabbed Justice Knight with his trunk again.

This time, Iron Elephant shoved Justice Knight into one of his tusks.

Justice Knight screamed in pain as the tusk stabbed him in abdomen.

Part 5

While Justice Knight was trying his best to fight off Iron Elephant, the Iron Bee, in her full armour, was walking down a different corridor in the Justice Knight Unit's headquarters.

She turned a corner and walked into the prison cells section of the headquarters.

The guard stood up as soon as he saw Iron Bee, but Iron Bee shook her head and gently, but firmly, pushed the guard back on to his seat, "Just stay there, and I won't hurt you."

Dr. Chow scowled, "It's about time!"

"Don't complain, doctor," Iron Bee said, "You should be happy that Father didn't just let Iron Elephant finish his rampage before we even bothered finding out if you were still alive or not."

Dr. Chow's expression changed into one of confusion, "H-He wasn't thinking of just abandoning me, was he?!"

"Maybe it's time that you re-evaluate how important to him you really are," Iron Bee said.

Iron Bee grabbed two bars of the prison cell with her hands and she tried to pull them apart. However, the bars didn't budge.

"T-They found a way to make a prison cell strong enough to keep us in," Dr. Chow said, panicking now, trying to get out of the cell before Iron Elephant's rampage reached their location, "You're going to need the key from that guard."

"Thanks," Iron Bee walked over to the guard and said to him, "Can I have the key to this cell?"

The guard didn't answer.

Iron Bee sighed and ripped the key ring off of the guard's belt. In the key ring were around twenty keys.

"Guess I'll have to try them all," Iron Bee glared at the guard, "Please don't run away until I've opened this cell. I won't hurt you if you cooperate."

The guard stared at Iron Bee nervously for a few seconds, but managed to muster up a nod.


Iron Bee got to work and entered the first key into the cell's lock. She tried turned it, but nothing happened.

As Iron Bee inserted the second key, she said to Dr. Chow, "You're lucky we have low power modes, otherwise, you would be dead by now."

"Low power mode?" Dr. Chow asked, confused.

Iron Bee raised an eyebrow and gave Dr. Chow a look, "Did you read the manual at all?"

Part 6

Justice Knight screamed in pain as the Iron Elephant's tusk stabbed him in abdomen.

Sparks shot out from where the tusk had impacted the exosuit, but luckily, the armour manged to stop the tusk from penetrating.

"This is some pretty good armour!" Iron Elephant said, excited.

Iron Elephant lifted Justice Knight away from the tusk. Then, he shoved the blue knight into the same tusk again.

Justice Knight screamed again. He struggled, trying to get out of the trunk's grip.

Iron Elephant lifted Justice Knight away from his tusk. Then, he shoved Justice Knight towards the same tusk again.

However, this time, using the momentum from Iron Elephant's shove, Justice Knight was able to land a hard double-feeted kick into Iron Elephant's abdomen before the tusk could touch him.

The pain from the kick cause Iron Elephant's grip on Justice Knight to loosen, and Justice Knight was able to use his kick to push himself out of the trunk's constriction and into the air.

Justice Knight landed on the ground as Iron Elephant staggered back. Behind Justice Knight, the Captain has made his way to Emma and Sasha.

"Damn it," Justice Knight said, "We need to get rid of that trunk."

"I would love to see you try!" Iron Elephant yelled as he swung his trunk at Justice Knight.

The trunk hit Justice Knight from his left. He immediately took a hold of it to try to stop the trunk from grabbing him.

The rest of the trunk continued swinging around the knight, wrapping around his back. But just before the trunk could make its way around to the rest of his body, the Captain stepped in and whacked the trunk with a fire extinguisher.

Iron Elephant's trunk was sent swinging the other way. Now that he wasn't in danger of the trunk's constriction, Justice Knight start to pull on the trunk, trying to rip it off the helmet.

The trunk wouldn't rip off, but Justice Knight's pull was making the gaps in the trunk's armour even bigger.

"Emma!" Sasha yelled, "Use your dagger on the trunk just like before!"

Emma nodded. She gripped her dagger tightly as she ran up to the trunk. Aiming at one of the gaps, she slammed the blade of her dagger into the joint inside.

Iron Elephant roared in pain as his trunk was stabbed. Not wasting this chance, Justice Knight yelled out a battle cry and pulled on the trunk with all his strength. Thanks to the fact that part of the trunk had been weakened already, the trunk ripped off.

Iron Elephant roared in pain again. He pulled his fist back.

Emma watched as Iron Elephant's fist headed towards her.

Part 7

Justice Knight jumped in front of Emma and blocked the punch with both of his hands.

A grunt came out of the Justice Knight as he felt pain surge through his hands and arms from the heavy punch.

Next, Iron Elephant pulled back and charged, aiming his left tusk at Justice Knight.

Justice Knight quickly sidestepped into the middle of Iron Elephant's two tusks and blocked the rest of Iron Elephant's charging body with his full weight. He grabbed the cyborg's left tusk and took out his pistol.

Placing the end of his pistol's barrel at the joint that connected Iron Elephant's tusk to Iron Elephant's helmet, Justice Knight fired.

Sparks flew out as the bullet hit the joint, damaging it and allowing Justice Knight to rip the tusk off the helmet.

"Now, this is a fight!" Iron Elephant roared, and charged at Justice Knight.

Catching the knight by surprise, Iron Elephant rammed into Justice Knight. The cyborg continued his charge, and slammed Justice Knight into the wall with enough force for the both of them to break through to the outside.

Justice Knight hit the ground hard. By now, his entire body was in pain. Still, he struggled and stood up.

Just in time to see Iron Elephant lifting up the JKU squad car that David had parked there not too long ago.

Part 8

"You have got to be kidding me," Justice Knight muttered to himself.

Iron Elephant brought the car down over Justice Knight's head. Justice Knight barely managed to jump out of the way as the car slammed into the ground.

"You're not bad," Iron Elephant said, "But in the end, I will be the winner!"

Iron Elephant charged at Justice Knight.

Having managed to hold on to his pistol throughout the previous attacks, Justice Knight fired at the oncoming elephant. Unfortunately, the cyborg took no notice of the pain and kept charging.

Justice Knight managed to dodge Iron Elephant's charge and continued firing his gun, however, Sasha noticed something, "David's movements, they're getting slower. He can't last much longer!"

And she was right - Justice Knight fell onto one knee as Iron Elephant charged at him again. Unable to get up in time, Iron Elephant rammed into Justice Knight, stabbing him with the cyborg's tusk.

Justice Knight yelled in pain as he was knocked back into the air from the hit. He hit the ground hard and dropped his pistol.

Iron Elephant walked over to Justice Knight, and stomped on the pistol, smashing it into pieces.

Justice Knight struggled up into a crouch.

"Looks like I win," Iron Elephant boasted. He threw his fist at Justice Knight's head.

Justice Knight blocked the punch with both of his arms. The pain soared throughout his already battered body.

Iron Elephant chuckled, "You still have some fight in you, I see."

Cocking his head to one side, Iron Elephant prepared to slash the knight with his tusk. He swung his head and his tusk glided through the air, with a devastating slash heading towards Justice Knight's torso.

But Justice Knight managed to catch the tusk in his hands.

Suddenly, a battle cry was yelled, and Emma appeared, stabbing her dagger into the joint that joined Iron Elephant's remaining tusk and helmet together.

Not wasting this chance, Justice Knight let out a battle cry and ripped the tusk off.

"This fight is over!" Justice Knight yelled as he flipped the tusk back around and stabbed its owner in the chest with it.

Iron Elephant felt overwhelming pain in his chest. He looked down, and was shocked to see that the tusk had penetrated his armour and into his chest.

"The shots from before must have weakened his armour!" Sasha exclaimed, relieved that this attack was finally over.

Iron Elephant staggered back as electric arcs surged throughout his body.

As his body began to break down from all the damage that he had taken, he began to recall one point in his life. He recalled being a cop and arresting a murderer. He recalled that they had to release the murderer. He recalled arguing with his captain and being told that they couldn't do anything, because the murderer had diplomatic immunity.

"You... have to win, boss. You have to... change the world," the cyborg muttered.

Then, Iron Elephant laughed his hearty laugh once more and shouted, "What a great fight! You win, Justice Knight!"

The electric arcs surged through his body violently, and sparks flew out from where he had been stabbed by his own tusk. Iron Elephant started to fall onto his back.

Then, before he even reached the ground, Iron Elephant exploded.

Part 9

Justice Knight grabbed Emma as soon as electric arcs started surging through Iron Elephant. The two of them ran away as fast as they could.

Behind them, they could hear Iron Elephant shouting, "What a great fight! You win, Justice Knight!"

Then, not long after that, they heard an explosion behind them.

The force from the explosion knocked the both of them forward, sending them into the air.

Emma flew several feet in the air before hitting the ground. The inertia forced her to roll on the ground several times before she could stop.

Struggling up, Emma looked around.

Spotting Justice Knight lying on the ground nearby, she hurried to him.

"David..." Emma said as she approached him, "David, are you alright?"

Emma knelt down beside Justice Knight, who didn't respond.

"David! David!" Emma yelled.

The Captain and Sasha ran over to where Justice Knight was.

"Captain, he's not responding!" Emma reported.

The Captain reached for the Knight-Former and pressed a button. The Justice Knight exosuit burst into many metallic blue squares, revealing a very still David inside. As the squares were drawn back into the red orb on the Knight-Former, David just laid there, unresponsive.


Dr. Harriet Chow entered the throne room of the Iron Legion's great leader. Inside, Iron Bee was already standing to the side in her human-esque form, and their great leader was sitting on the throne in the shadows. Dr. Chow snickered a little at the little bee who wanted to be human.

Dr. Chow walked into the middle of the room and knelt down. Confidently, she said, "My great leader, thank you for rescuing me."

Their great leader stood up. Calmly, he said, "It was not so much a rescue, but more of a... recovery."

Dr. Chow stood up. Their great leader tsked at the her arrogance, but Dr. Chow didn't pay it any heed. Instead, she said, "What do you mean?"

The Iron Legion's leader started walking down the steps, towards Dr. Chow. As he stepped into the light, one could see the glorious features of a lion adorning his body. Annoyed, he said, "I mean that it was more convenient for us that the Justice Knight Unit did not have a cyborg on hand. So that they could not dissect you and interrogate you."

"I-," Dr. Chow began.

But the lion cyborg cut her off, "I chose you, Harriet, because I thought you were a bright woman. One who could help spread our legion's way of thinking. Our way of thinking that encourages LOGIC and SCIENCE above all else!"

"I- I can!" Dr. Chow protested.

"Can you? Then explain how someone who values logic and science can LET THEIR BATTERIES RUN OUT?!" the lion roared.

"I-I'm sorry, sir," Dr. Chow nervously said, "I won't let it happen again. And I promise you, when I get upgraded to a general, I will kill Justice Knight myself!"

The lion tsked again and glared at Dr. Chow. Finally, he said, "Your arrogance annoys me, Harriet."

"S-sir?" Dr. Chow asked, confused.

The lion was now only an arm's length away from Dr. Chow. With regret and anger in his voice, the lion said, "It seems that I have made a mistake when I chose you, Harriet."

"No, sir," Dr. Chow began, "I can assure you that you made no-"

The lion flexed his right claws and then quickly jabbed them into Dr. Chow's chest. Then, he quietly said, "Enough. I shall now fix my mistake. You shall be cleansed, Harriet Chow."

The lion crushed Dr. Harriet Chow's heart with his hand as Iron Bee watched in horror. In shock, Iron Bee could only say, "F-Father!"

The lion took his hand out of Dr. Chow's chest. Then, he summoned, "Iron Spider."

From the ceiling, a cyborg with spider-like features quickly lowered itself down with a rope made out of webbing. A female voice came out from the helmet with no lips, "Yes, my leader."

"It seems that Iron Elephant has fallen gloriously in battle. Initiate your plan."

"Yes, sir," Iron Spider turned around and walked out of the room.

Iron Bee could only stare at the lifeless body of Dr. Chow with shock as the lion returned to his throne and Iron Soldiers stepped forward to clean up the mess.

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